Recapture the moments of Elegance; the finest Jewellery of Edge of Ember

The shimmering veneer of the finest jewellery and the adorning eminence the adept, ethical craftsmanship is decanted into the contemporary dazzling jewellery experts, the Edge of Ember Jewellery. Centred in London these designers collaborate with the artisans of the most humble enclaves of the world to sustainably manufacture this fine jewellery with palladium, recycled brass, 18K gold and rose gold. The distinctive pieces of jewellery that are the forte of the finest jewellery makers of the traditional communities are of the perfect ensemble of expert customary techniques and modern design.

Inspired by the craft, eminence and modern aesthetic values, these delicate jewellery that will adorn you and compliment your feminine grace are crafted with such care and savvy. The inspiring ambitions of the humble artisans of the developing countries, infused into the artwork is the distinctive feature of the precursor of creativity and finesse that is, Edge of Ember.

The Myla Arrows King, the luminous openwork stacked ring that reflects the sleek elegance of 18K gold plated sterling silver, the Chevron Arrows Statement Ring that the modern day allusion of separate rings bridged with the micro curb chains that is the amalgamated intricacy with fine artistry, and the Kiri Studs Ring an openwork ring that is the quintessential blend of causal and tasteful iconic design of street and retro.

The Edge of Ember's perennial illumination that inspires the modest artisans has sprouted more and more of fine jewellery that you fancy adorning yourself with. The earrings that are of sheer elegance and ethereal sparkle with pearls and sleek design will sweep you off your feet to fall in love with these fine hand-made spurs of creativity. The Halo Hexagon Earrings that put an architectural twist on the sleek elegant drop earrings cradle a freshwater pearl inside an 18K gold plated-hoops dangling by a thread-like chain. These "threader style" sustainable reflection of ethical craft the feminine grace you would just love imbibe.

The bracelets and the necklaces you would love to wrap yourself with, are the lasting realities of success of the Women's fashion jewellery in decorating your femininity. The Trio Lapis and Marble Collar that is versatile for an every-day wear is handcrafted with gradient 18K gold-plated brass and Lapis Lazuli and marble Resin inlays. The experts will let you compliment this elegant collar necklace with an asymmetrical inlay of Lapis Lazuli and Marbled Resin embedded on an 18k gold-plated bar bracelet of timeless significance.

What drives Edge of Ember toward the modest success and an aspiring furtherance is the deep-rooted belief of sustainable and ethical instigators for their business purposes. These contemporary jewellery designers that combines luxurious designs with socially responsible, ethical practices of business, not only bring ashore the concealed talents of the darkest, most hidden corners of the world, they let you, the humble client who appreciate their effort, to decorate yourself with the finest jewellery that speaks of the stories of success of the modest artisans that you uprooted with sheer compassion and love for fine jewellery.